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A comprehensive opinion writing unit that will take you and your students through the writing process step by step while teaching the essential components of opinion writing.  The unit will start with an introduction or review of opinion writing and move onto more complex elements, concluding with book reviews.

This resource for opinion writing is INCREDIBLE! The fact that each writing activity/sample follows the same routine was so great for my class of struggling writers. The lessons and resources from this packet were so helpful to me as the teacher but were also engaging to my 2nd graders. I’m so glad I purchased this resource and really could see a difference in my opinion writing from last year, when I didn’t use this resource, to this past year, where I did. Great improvement!

~ Grace H.


Teaching opinion writing can be tricky but this comprehensive unit takes you and your students step by step through the process from basic opinion writing to adding enhancing features.

This 2nd and 3rd Grade Writing unit includes:

  • Scripted minilessons
  • PowerPoint presentation that lines up with unit- NEW AS OF January 2022
  • Writing prompts
  • Anchor Charts
  • Writer’s Scaffolded Checklists
  • Writing samples
  • Assorted writing papers
  • Graphic organizers for each topic
  • Blanks for different topics


(complete breakdown below)


This comprehensive unit will take your writers from the most basic skills of opinion writing to challenging themselves while making comparisons between two topics and making personal connections to strengthen their opinions. The unit starts with the basics of opinion writing, moves onto making comparisons between animals, seasons, and subjects in school, and then to letter writing to persuade. It culminates with book reviews in which students express their opinions about the books they read as they write letters to friends, parents, and teachers.


This product is divided into sections. Included in this packet are:

  • 11 scripted minilessons with clear, detailed instructions
  • 12 colorful posters to teach components of opinion writing
  • 38 Slides PowerPoint that follows the unit -color-coded by lesson
  • 5 models or examples of opinion writing( for each section)
  • MANY graphic organizers
  • 3 opinion writing checklists- differentiated
  • Several blank sheets for your student-generated ideas
  • Tons of teacher notes
  • Breakdown sheets detailing each section with directions for use


Section 1 “The Best Season”-

  • 3 graphic organizers
  • 3 writing papers


Section 2 “The Best Subject”-

  • 3 graphic organizers
  • 3 writing papers


Section 3 “Comparing Cats and Dogs”-

  • 3 graphic organizers
  • 2 writing papers


Section 4 Letter Writing-

  • 2 pages of writing prompts
  • 2 graphic organizers(1 blank)
  • Letter writing papers


Section 5 Opinion Writing Using Books We Read-

  • 3 graphic organizers
  • 4 writing papers


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