Poetry Writing Unit 2nd and 3rd Grade with Poems Incl Haiku Limericks & MORE


My students fell in love with poetry. This pack was perfect! It had everything we needed!” ~ George B.

My students loved this resource! It hit all our standards and it was super helpful when explaining each part of poetry!” ~ Kailey K.


Engage your writers and instill a LOVE of poetry with this student AND teacher friendly comprehensive writing unit including anchor charts, posters, writing samples, poems, writing planners and more.


Poetry Writing: Poetry Writing Unit Grades 2-4

This packet is intended to teach your students to write poems filled with beautiful language, emotion and expression. Students will learn to write poems with emotion, alliteration, repetition, line breaks, as well as haiku, triplets, limericks, quatrains, cinquains, and acrostic poems. Each element is introduced with a poster and each element comes with writing samples, teacher notes, planners, and writing papers. I have provided concrete examples for you and your students. This unit is rich and filled with opportunities for your students to grow as reflective and purposeful young poets.

What’s Included:

  • Notebook Cover
  • Anchor Charts
  • Student Notebook Resources
  • Posters with examples and definitions
  • Samples of All Types of Poems
  • Samples of all Elements
  • Teaching Instructions
  • Planners
  • Publishing Papers


The elements addressed are:

  • Where Does Poetry Start?
  • Poetry is Everywhere
  • Poems can be about ANYTHING
  • Finding Poetry in Nature
  • Using Line Breaks
  • Using Beautiful Language
  • Poems are Meaningful
  • Show, Don’t Tell
  • Using Comparisons and Personification
  • Poems and Repetition
  • Poems Use Alliteration
  • Poems have Onomatopoeia
  • Poems Evoke Emotion
  • Haiku Poems
  • Limerick Poems
  • Triplet Poems
  • Quatrain Poems
  • Cinquain Poems
  • Acrostic Poems


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