Nonfiction Writing 1st Grade with Minilessons ~ Expert Books All About & How To


A comprehensive nonfiction writing unit with scripted minilessons and all you need to take your first graders through the writing process step by step while teaching the important components of nonfiction.  Concludes with a published HOW TO or ALL ABOUT expert book containing fun text features.

This resource is so organized, allows the kids to personalize their pages with desired text features and helps them stay organized when crafting All About or How To books! Thank you so much, made this unit so much easier.” ~ Miss Five Cent


All About Books AND How To Books-can be used for either

Informational Writing – “How to” and “Expert” for Grade 1 and Kindergarten

This packet contains various resources for taking your students from planning to publishing for both All About books or “How To” books. It contains resources and graphic organizers for generating ideas, webbing topics, writing facts, planning books and publishing books. I have included several different paper choices for the varying needs and abilities of your writers. I have also included several printables to incorporate text features.

Included in this packet:

*12 Scripted Minilessons

*Teacher Tips and Suggestions

*13 Posters

*Planning Webs and Resources

*Photographs page with captions


*Table of contents

*Fun facts, and sidebars

*SO Many FUN book cover options for the final copy

*Folder covers

*Specific teacher instructions

*Samples – so many samples

*Writing paper choices

*Dedication page

*About the author page

I hope you like it!


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