Personal Narratives 1st Grade Small Moments With Planning and Publishing


A comprehensive personal narrative writing unit containing scripted minilessons and all you need to take your first graders through the writing process step by step while teaching the essential components of a personal narrative.

I love, love, love these writing units!! This was the perfect way to differentiate our beginning writing unit this year, with so many students coming in at a variety of skill levels. This unit provided the support that the students needed to feel successful without feeling overwhelming for me to teach. Thank you so much!” ~ Renee K.



Personal Narratives Writing Unit for 1st Grade and Kinder

This packet will take your young writers through the personal narrative writing process, with a focus on “adding more” or small moments for your advanced writers . It begins with an introduction to the elements of personal narratives. Students will then learn how to organize ideas, plan, write and revise. They will observe how to simply add on, or keep writing, stretch out moments, incorporate the five senses, add feelings, add dialogue, and add sparkle. It includes:

  • 12 Minilessons
  • 3 pp Teacher notes
  • Resources/tips and charts for adding details, adding five senses, changing word choice and more
  • 12 Charts/Posters for Introducing Elements of Personal Narratives
  • Assorted Writing Papers
  • Writing Prompts
  • Graphic Organizers for: generating ideas, planning, sequence, adding feelings, adding details, incorporating the 5 senses, show not tell, sketching out my story and stretching out my story
  • PPT slides demonstrating how to take a moment and stretch it out(several examples)
  • A Student Checklist
  • Papers for Published Book


I hope you enjoy using it!


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