2nd Grade Grammar Scope and Sequence Lessons Assessments Activities


Having trouble fitting grammar in?  Let us do it for you with this yearlong grammar unit containing a pacing guide, PowerPoint lessons, printables and assessments.

I enjoyed how well thought out this grammar bundle truly was. Everything was well-organized and balanced both consistency and uniqueness in the assignments; each unit had a similar feel, but activities weren’t just the same thing over and over again. I purchased this while my son was struggling with grammar and he was able to learn and retain so much information. He actually loves grammar now! Highly recommend, and I went on to purchase additional grade levels for my son and my daughter! ” ~ Amanda S.


2nd Grade Grammar Lessons and Practice, NO PREP Printables, PACING CALENDAR, Whiteboard Activities, and Monthly Quick Check Assessments – aligned to all 2nd Grade Language Standards- NOT-JUST-WORKSHEETS

Have you struggled with plugging grammar into your weekly schedule and have you struggled with which skills to teach and when? My 2nd Grade Gobs of Grammar has all you need for review, instruction, and practice. See what’s included below.

This unit contains



Each part of speech is introduced with a teaching slide or two using student-friendly explanations and examples. Students will then practice each skill with guided whiteboard activities, and follow up with independent practice worksheets.

Everything is organized for you by month. The skills addressed within this product are:

*What is a noun?

*Plural/singular nouns

*Collective Nouns

*Irregular plural nouns

*Common/Proper nouns

*Reflexive pronouns

*What is a verb?

*Verbs in past tense

*Irregular verbs

*What is an adjective?

*Using and forming adjectives

*What is an adverb?

*Using and forming adverbs

*What is a contraction?

*Using contractions

*Using apostrophes to show possessives

*Using commas in letter writing

*Rearranging simple and compound sentences


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