Vocabulary Differentiated Reading Passages 4th Grade Using Context Clues


Engaging differentiated reading passages for your fourth grade students with a focus on vocabulary.  Students will use and highlight context clues to infer meaning of unknown vocabulary words.

This resource was amazing! It helped so much with context clues.” ~ Blair J.


4th Grade Reading Comprehension Passages with a focus on:


This set contains fiction passages.

If we want our students to increase their reading comprehension skills, we need to provide opportunities and tools for them to build their vocabulary. Using this product, students will use both their schema and context clues to define unknown words. Using a color key, they will highlight the context clues used to define each bold word within text. These reading passages will teach your students to use context clues to define unknown words. Included are:

  • 20 Reading Comprehension Passages in 2 Levels(10 for each level)
  • 100 4th Grade vocabulary words incorporated
  • Sentence Writing Using New Vocabulary Words
  • Answer Keys


Click HERE for the 2nd grade version

Click HERE for the 3rd grade version


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