Reading Fluency Passages 2nd Grade 3rd Grade Activities


A collection of engaging and creative activities to build reading fluency for students in Grades 2-4.

I have been looking for the perfect fluency packet to use with my third-grade students and this is it! I love it all, the fluency strips, the echo me, and the short reading passages. My students love it too!” ~ Amy S.


Reading Fluency Engaging Activities and Tools

Increase reading rate, expression, comprehension and overall reading ability with these creative tools and reading passages for students in Grade 2 and Grade 3. Teaching fluency is hard work! I have combined many of my favorite tools, and that of my students, in one packet. This packet will provide you and your students with fun activities to build reading fluency and increase reading scores for your struggling readers.

Included in this packet are:

  • Reading Passages for Individual readers
  • Reading Passages for Strategy Groups
  • Running Records(both students and teacher sheets)
  • Self Assessment
  • Partner Work and Peer Assessment
  • Fluency Strips Re. Heeding Punctuation
  • Fluency Strips Re. Reading Dialogue
  • Echo Activity
  • Scooping Words Activity
  • Decoding Nonsense Words
  • Decoding CVC Words
  • Decoding Words with Blends and Digraphs
  • Decoding Words with Long Vowel Sounds
  • Speed Read with CVC Words and Sight Words


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