Poetry Reading Unit 2nd & 3rd Grade with Lessons, Anchor Charts and Poems


“JUST what I was looking for! I was stuck on poetry, it’s not my strongest, but this really helped me understand what I needed to implement into my curriculum in order for student success – and it had EVERYTHING I needed.” ~ Megan A.

I have not enjoyed teaching poetry until I found this resource. This has made poetry more fun and very interesting for 2nd grade! My students understood poetry so much better with these nice poster visuals and the worksheets.” ~ Michelle G.

Build a LOVE of poetry with your students using this detailed collection of teaching points, poems, element posters, anchor charts and reading response sheets related to each poem.


2nd Grade and 3rd Grade Poetry Reading Unit

Teaching poetry is hard! This product takes you step by step through the 15 teaching points below with anchor charts, poems, graphic organizers, and more. Buyers have commented that their students now LOVE reading poetry while using this unit.

The elements addressed are:

  • Poetry is different than fiction and nonfiction
  • Poetry can be about ANYTHING
  • Poetry can be serious or funny
  • Poetry does NOT have to rhyme
  • Poetry does not follow the rules of punctuation and capitalization
  • Poetry expresses a person’s feelings
  • Poetry uses alliteration
  • Poetry uses white space for effect
  • Poems use action words
  • Poems use repetition
  • Poems sometimes have rhythm
  • Poems paint a picture
  • Poetry uses personification
  • Poetry uses similes and metaphors
  • Poets don’t just read their poems…they PERFORM them!


Tasks include:

  • Visualization
  • Peer Reading/Peer Assessment
  • Reading with Expression
  • Written Response to Reading
  • Identifying Author Intent/Message
  • Poem Analysis
  • Making Connections



Included are:

  • 17 Posters to introduce elements
  • 15 Poems
  • 15 Response sheets with RIGOR and depth


Your students will LOVE this unit!!

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